Venus Rising the Game

Venus Rising is a MMORPG for adults. Cool games, especially RPG games, have a balance of combat, missions and character development with a lot of fantasy thrown in. With the added element of sexual abilities Venus Rising is an exciting multiplayer online role playing game for adults.

Venus Rising:

After compelling dreams steer you to the Roman island of Venusia, you step off the boat and finally set foot in the beautiful peaceful city.

But not all is as it seems.

There is a darkness rising spurred by warring gods.

Rumors of Mars, Pluto and Minerva rapturing the citizens of Venusia to raise armies of demigods float about the city.

However Venus has empowered her wards, the citizens of Venusia, to hunt and destroy those demigods in retaliation for defiling her city.

Find your place in the senate, army, or the wealthy elite as a citizen of Venusia and perhaps discover some deeper secret within yourself.

Game features:

  • Character creation: Choose from wide variety of garments and cosmetic styles. As characters progress, so do the choices
  • Combat: Join the legions in battling the barbarians. Defend the Venusians from the rapture of the gods or join the gods in the defiling of Venusia. PVP others who take an opposite stance
  • Questing: 3 paths can be taken to success. Each path has its own quest arc to guide you through the levels. There are numerous general quests and side quests that everyone can enjoy, and even player generated quests.
  • Housing: Build and decorate your own roman style house, complete with garden and pool. Group with merchant friends and create a town together with taverns, armories, boutiques and pharmacies.
  • SEX: yes you can have sex! Sexual encounters can happen with other players or NPC’s

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